Pocket Operations —
A portable collection of drum machine patterns.

This is a compact book of drum machine patterns.

At 4x6" it is designed to fit in your pocket...a companion to other small travel-friendly music-making devices you might have.

Just under 70 pages, it includes a few hundred patterns.

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The book is also available for download in PDF format.

Print your own or carry on your phone as an e-book.

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The PDF is offered free of charge in the spirit of generosity. If you find it useful, please send a donation to Tree Trust, an organization that has planted over half a million trees in the Twin Cities. Thanks!

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  1. Instructions
  2. Basic Patterns
  3. Standard Breaks
  4. Rock
  5. Electro
  6. House
  7. Miami Bass
  8. Hip-Hop
  9. Funk and Soul
  10. Afro-Cuban
  11. Drum and Bass
  12. EDM
  13. Dub
  14. Breaks
  15. Breaks + Alternate Endings
  16. Irregular Breaks
  17. Rolling Breaks
  18. Breaks - Snare
  19. Ghost Snares
  20. Breaks - Kick
  21. Drum Rolls